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….And Into the Frying Pan
Two farm fresh eggs any style served with toast and home fries 5.75

Two farm fresh eggs any style served with your choice of bacon, ham, sausage,  Canadian bacon,or corn beef hash toast and home fries 7.75

Benedict’s Eggs - Two poached eggs served over grilled Canadian bacon & a toasted English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries 9.95

Greens, Eggs, & Parm -
Two poached eggs atop sautéed spinach and tomatoes on a toasted English muffin topped with a parmesan cream sauce. Served with home fries 9.95 

Breakfast Quesadilla - scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes and jack cheese topped with house salsa. Served with home fries 9.75

Wrapped Up in Burritoville - scrambled eggs, spicy black beans, avocado, jack and cheddar cheese burrito topped with house salsa. Served with home fries 9.75

…Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall  Omelets served with toast and home fries

In Your Own Words create your own, start with a plain omelet and grow  6     
Selections - onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, grilled veggies, sundried tomatoes, turkey, bacon, ham, sausage, mozzarella, American, Swiss, goat, bleu, feta, brie and cheddar 
veggies        1.00 meat /cheese/whites only
(each item)       (each item)

In Our Own Words House specialty omelets  9

When in Rome - fresh tomatoes, onions, basil pesto, and fresh mozzarella                      
The Cowboy Way -
chopped ham, peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese                            
Carbo What??
– egg-white omelet with grilled turkey, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese
Pleasantly Greek - fresh spinach, red onion, bacon, and feta cheese                               
The Veg Head -
Grilled veggies, pesto, and goat cheese                                                                
The Vermonster
– Turkey, bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onions

…It’s All Belgian to Me  House recipe golden Belgian style Waffle 

The Aficionado - our 7-inch Belgian waffle served with whipped butter  6.75                           

The Roots - our 7-inch Belgian waffle topped with chicken fingers, bacon, and Dijon maple dressing 10.50

On Blueberry Hill - Belgian waffle infused with blueberries 7.50

…Frenchy’s Toast Our own egg-dipped Challah French toast served with sugar

The Love of Cinnamon - made in the traditional sense with hints of cinnamon & nutmeg 7.50

Strawberry Fields Forever - our strawberry cheesecake-stuffed French toast, for those who like a little dessert with breakfast  9.95

Tangled Up In Blue - house recipe deep-fried Texas Toast served with warm blueberry sauce  9.95

...Griddle Me This, Griddle Me That     Our own Golden Buttermilk Pancakes

Scared of Heights- Two pancakes, for those who know their limitations  6.00                

Stack it up-Four golden brown pancakes, stacked for the big appetite  8.50                    

Going on a Berry Hunt- our blueberry bursting pancakes 7.50                                   

Chocolate Chipper- fully loaded chocolate chip pancakes 7.50


                      … On the Side, Or On the Fly                                                                      

Bacon, Sausage, or Ham Egg and Cheese    4.25                                                              

Eggs & cheese sandwich 3                               

Side of two eggs any style   2.25                                                

Bagel with Butter      2                                       

Home fries 3.50                                                                         

Side of bacon, ham, sausage, or Canadian Bacon  4                                                     

Bagel with cream cheese 2.50                                 

Oatmeal   4                                                                            

Cold cereals  2.50                                                     

Fresh Fruit Salad    4                                                              

English Muffin 2.25                                                 

Fresh baked muffin  2.25                                                             

Toast  1.50                                                                 

Side of Hash 4                                                                         

                                        Mid Day the Fiddle Way

The Grass is always Greener

Flaming Popeye – firecracker chicken atop baby spinach salad with feta, red onions, bacon, black olives and tomatoes tossed in lemon olio 10.50   
All Hail Caesar – Crisp romaine, tomatoes, and homemade garlic croutons tossed in our own creamy Caesar dressing 6.50                                                                                             add chicken 4      add steak 6.50      add portabella 3.50       add crab cake 6      

Plentiful Harvest - Mixed spring greens tossed with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, fresh apples, tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and our honey balsamic dressing 9                 add chicken 4      add Steak 6.50      add portabella 3.50       add crab cake 6   

Fiddler’s Cobb - grilled citrus chicken over baby greens, with olives, avocado, peppers, mushrooms, red onions, tomato and goat cheese  11

…And a Grillin’ We Will Go

Tried and True - Our large half pound burger, grilled to your liking, and served with lettuce, tomato, & red onion. Served with fries and rings 10.50
Create your own burger  add  .75 veggies        1.00 meat /cheese
Selections- grilled veggies, sun dried tomatoes , bacon, caramelized onions, avocado, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, cheese (mozzarella, American, Swiss, feta, cheddar, goat, brie,  blue)  

Pat’s Melt–spicy black bean veggie burger topped with jack & cheddar, spring greens, & veggie salsa on grilled multi-grain roll.  Served with sweet potato fries 9

Hummungus Fungus-grilled Portobello topped with roasted red peppers, tomato and provolone cheese on a ciabatta.  Served with sweet potato fries 9               

The Krusty Krab- crispy quesadilla stuffed with spicy crab, avocado, jack and cheddar cheeses and topped with house salsa 11.75                                                                                                                                                                                        

…Next Stop Panini,   grilled sandwiches served with pasta salad and chips  9.95

Walk on the Country Side- turkey, apple and Vermont cheddar                                                                                                      

Mama Mia- proscuiutto, fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, roasted peppers, and roasted garlic pesto                                                                                                                                                

BBQ Pit –pulled chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, crisp bacon, and jack & cheddar cheeses                                                                                                                          

New York, New York- tender slices of pastrami, Imported Swiss, kraut, and Dijon  

Molto Mario–sliced grilled balsamic chicken, grilled veggies, pesto, tomato & feta


…Simply Marvelous             All served with pasta salad and homemade tortilla chips

Top Bird - house roasted turkey Reuben with our house-made slaw, Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on grilled rye 9

South of Philly - thinly sliced beef with sautéed peppers, onions, mushrooms and jack cheese 9

Vegetable Patch - grilled eggplant, squash, peppers, & onions with pesto and goat cheese on a ciabatta 9

French Connection - grilled marinated chicken breast, topped with black forest ham, melted Swiss, and our house Dijon sauce on a French baguette 9               
Crabby Patty - our crab cake sandwich, topped with jack/cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on ciabatta   11.75

….And to Wrap It Up
    All served with pasta salad and homemade chips

We use whole wheat wraps          

It’s the Buzz – pesto-marinated chicken, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella, field greens and tomatoes, with our honey balsamic dressing 9 
That’s a Mouthful –
our own chicken salad made with roasted chicken, tarragon and red peppers with spring greens and tomatoes 8.50
Fiddler’s Dream
– Turkey, avocado, bacon, spring greens, tomatoes & bleu 9.75                                                                                                                                      Firecracker Wrap – our house-seasoned buffalo chicken served with mixed greens, tomato, red onion, ranch dressing and crumbled bleu cheese  9

Sub fries, sweet potato fries, or onion rings on any wrap for $1.50


All That Jazz    

French Fries   4.50            Lord O Rings  4.50 

Sweet Potato Fries  4.50   Small Salad   4